In the Studio: Jayoung Yoon, Interview by the Joan Mitchell Foundation

Jayoung Yoon is a New York-based artist who was born in South Korea. She is a 2023 Joan Mitchell Fellow. We interviewed Yoon about her work and creative practice in February 2024. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.

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Everyone Will Die but I Always Think I Won’t

Everyone Will Die but I Always Think I Won’t, curated by Mingying Lu.

April 18th - May 1st, 2024


Opening reception: Thursday, April 18, from 6pm to 9pm 

Location: Pfizer Building, 6th Floor, 630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 11AM - 6PM and Weekend by appointment

Featuring the works of artists: 
Dan K Chen, Terike Haapoja, Jingyao Huang, Jordan Metz
, Evan Roth, and Jayoung Yoon

"In an era when digital legacies challenge the finality of death, Everyone Will Die but I Always Think I Won’t explores mortality as it is redefined by technology today. It challenges us to view our final chapter not with resignation, but with a sense of curiosity and wonder, encouraging a dialogue with the unknown. Featuring a diverse range of artworks, including installations, videos, and sculptures, the exhibition examines the dialectical interplay between life and afterlife, inviting viewers to consider our transformed existential narrative in the digital age—how we live, die, and persist in both meaningful and chilling ways in collective memory."

2023 recipients of Joan Mitchell Fellowships


We are pleased to announce the 2023 recipients of Joan Mitchell Fellowships! These 15 artists from across the United States will each receive $60,000 in unrestricted funds, distributed over five years alongside flexible professional development and convenings that facilitate community building and peer learning.

The 2023 Joan Mitchell Fellows are:

Ash Arder, Detroit, MI
Raheleh Filsoofi, Nashville, TN
Nicholas Galanin, Sitka, AK
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Los Angeles, CA
Ana María Hernando, Niwot, CO
Mala Iqbal, Brooklyn, NY
William Lamson, Brooklyn, NY
Kathy Liao, Kansas City, MO
Anina Major, New York, NY
Demond Melancon, New Orleans, LA
Javier Orfon, San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
Mikayla Patton, Pine Ridge, SD
Naomi Safran-Hon, Brooklyn, NY
Sable Smith, New Jersey
Jayoung Yoon, Beacon, NY

About the Fellowship

In 2021, the Joan Mitchell Foundation reconceived and relaunched our primary granting program to more actively explore the ways in which multi-year financial support can help artists transform their practices and secure their legacies. Central to the structure of our Fellowship is longitudinal support that recognizes that the greatest benefits of fellowship opportunities are often nurtured over time, through sustained engagement and relationship-building.

The Fellowship’s monetary award for recipients extends over a five year period, with an initial $20,000 payment this year followed by four years of $10,000 installments. The Foundation also provides opportunities for artists to engage in programs that focus on personal finance, legacy planning, and self-advocacy, among other opportunities. Layered into the support structure are annual in-person convenings that build connections among the Fellows and virtual engagement sessions that further foster a peer learning community.

“The 2023 cohort of Joan Mitchell Fellows again underscores the value of a multi-year program, as it brings together a group of artists with diverse practices, interests, and backgrounds, all of whom articulated, in their Fellowship applications, the impact that financial and professional support over time will have on their work and their lives,” said Christa Blatchford, Executive Director at the Joan Mitchell Foundation. "This commitment to extended engagement is also in line with the legacy of Joan Mitchell herself, who so often offered personal assistance to other artists, and whose directive for her foundation was to continue that approach of direct support for working artists.”

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