Umbicality, 2012
Video documentation of the performance
Original running time: 20:00, (Video excerpt: 03:09)

Umbicality: (A close or intimate connection.) “Umbicality” is a live performance where two performers are connected by a funnel shaped organic web made of human hair. The web represents an invisible symbiotic spiritual connection. During the performance, the performer’s bodies will describe the essence of oneness; our connection to the infinite and every other living thing. The intimately quiet and slow movements invite viewers to feel their body through the image of performer’s bodies. (The duration of the performance: 20minutes) Directed by Jayoung Yoon Performed by Julie Spodek & Jayoung Yoon Sound Composition by Zachary Skinner This work was performed at the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim gallery and Socrates Sculpture Park, NY as a part of SkowheganPerform.