Like Cloud in the Sky I, 2012
single channel video, 40secs
Like Cloud in the Sky II, 2012
single channel video, 52 secs

In meditation teachings, it is often said that our thoughts are ‘like clouds passing through the sky’. If we are aware of thoughts, emotions, and feelings, as if they are impermanent phenomena, like passing clouds in the sky, we can let them be. Undeluded by judgements, we can bring our attention gently back to witnessing the mental flow with clarity.

In this video I start in a ball position, and throughout 40 minutes, I slowly open my body to sit upright, paying attention to the body sensations which constantly arise and pass away. I became fully conscious of being, and present in the moment.

After compressing the video down to 40 seconds, my body movement seems natural, but the clouds change rapidly with intense energy.
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